Who We Are

The Jefferson Wardrobe was developed by sisters Maggie and Tiarni in an effort to create another pathway for people to make more sustainable and ethical fashion decisions. Driven by their passion to make slow fashion affordable and easy, the girls put their creativity and skills to work to up-cycle and "re-home" pre-loved clothing.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality product with an emphasis on sourcing garments made from natural fibres and repurposed cellulose, where possible.

Why We Are Here

We began looking for ways to make our own wardrobes more sustainable upon learning about the environmental and ethical impacts of the modern fashion world. However, we struggled to find long-lasting pieces that fitted our budget and our lifestyle.
Our natural approach to this problem was through second-hand clothing. Thrift shopping has long been a hobby of ours but we found that modern-day op shops are not so easy to navigate, and are increasingly filled with low-quality fast fashion pieces.  
Although we still enjoy this process we understand it's not a solution for everyone as it can be time consuming and frustrating. Our goal is to take the hard work out of op-shopping by bringing high quality pre-loved items to one place.